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Surgery can often seem like “the ultimate solution.” A facelift certainly tightens the skin, but that doesn’t guarantee a more youthful appearance. You might be surprised to know that what most people actually want is skin tightening and volume correction, which can be accomplished with a non-surgical treatment.

The good news is that you can achieve an incredible improvement, without the cost or downtime of surgery, that will last for years. Your results are gradual, unlike a surgical procedure where you look drastically different in just a few days (once the bruising and swelling of surgery has subsided). This is just another added benefit that all of our patients love.

What Happens as We Age?

As we age, we start to lose the bone and fat pads that once made up our beautifully full and smooth cheeks. When that structure degrades, we’re left looking and feeling what is best (but not pleasantly) described as “deflated.” We see this in sagging cheeks, a break or deep line in the middle of cheek, folds around the mouth that didn’t used to be there, and even dropping of the jawline. You can see these effects in the women’s “before” image below:

This is the before and after result of Sculptra treatments. Notice how the woman still looks like herself in the “after” photo, but she has improved fullness in the cheeks, under the eyes, and around the mouth. This correction of volume cannot be achieved with a surgical facelift.

Before & After

Why We Combine Sculptra + INFINI

This is truly a winning combination. Both treatments are great on their own, but combining them is a way to see the greatest non-surgical correction, with the longest-lasting results. With Sculptra, we’re able to correct the volume loss we discussed earlier. With INFINI, we’re able to tighten the skin which will reduce lines, wrinkles, and crepe skin, as well as improve texture.

Sculptra is not a filler, but a collagen stimulating product used to gradually replace lost volume over time. This means that unlike a filler, Sculptra will continue working years after the product is gone as it actually stimulates the growth of your own collagen!
When we combine INFINI and Sculptra, we are using the two greatest treatments to naturally replace volume by stimulating one’s own collagen to grow. Patients can expect to see more youthful, but still natural-looking volume, as well as reduction in fine lines, nasolabial folds (the fold around our mouth), under-eye hollows, and sagging skin with improvements of the jowls, neck laxity, drooping brows, and more.

Our Non-Surgical Solution Is Long-Lasting

Clinical studies on Sculptra and INFINI ended after 2 years, where 80% of patients reported still seeing improvement from treatment. When we combine the two treatments, many patients have been known to see results for 5+ years, depending on the level of correction originally needed and lifestyle choices.

Consider Our Signature Lasting Lift First

Not every surgical facelift is forever. That’s right—even surgical results are only expected to last about 10 years. When you consider the cost association, the permanence of the treatment (there is no going back), the lack of volume correction, the risk and downtime, and the duration of results, we believe Our Signature Lasting Lift is a pretty amazing option.

What You Need to Know About Treatment

  • Our Signature Lasting Lift is ideal for anyone who fears too much change at once, desires secrecy, wants less long-term maintenance, or wants to “own” their results since their own collagen is being stimulated.
  • Our Signature Lasting Liftincludes 2 treatments of Sculptra and 3 treatments of INFINI for full correction. Treatments are performed at four-week intervals. Appointments are typically about an hour each, with additional time to numb prior to INFINI.
  • While dermal fillers (such as Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse) can be used in combination, you will find that you don’t need as much, if any. Other than a lip augmentation, if desired, we rarely use another filler product with Our Signature Lasting Lift.
  • With both treatments, downtime is minimal. Sculptra is provided by an expert injector, using an advanced MicroCannula technique. INFINI is provided with the strongest medical numbing cream available, as well as optional lidocaine injections and PRP or growth factors for advanced healing.

Why Should You Choose Our Signature Lasting Lift?

The same reasons our patients prefer us for every treatment—we’re highly specialized in the services we believe in, we have an aesthetic preference for natural-looking results, and we’ve become experts in our field through regular, advanced training. Our injectors have trained across the country with industry leaders, including the renowned Allergan and Galderma trainer, Dr. Rajani.

Is the Signature Lasting Lift right for you? Will you benefit most from the Sculptra + INFINI combination, or just one of those treatments? Consultations are honest, welcoming, complimentary, and free of any sales pressure.

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