Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration in Napa, CA

Are you facing hair loss or rapidly thinning hair? Suffering from male-pattern or female-pattern baldness? Going bald is something that a lot of people dread as they age. And, for most, wearing a wig is not always the ideal solution. What if we told you that we can help your natural hair regrow so that you can regain a full head of healthy hair? Hair Restoration Lift Aesthetics can help you reclaim your hair, and your confidence, with a minimally-invasive, non-surgical treatment

Hair Restoration Treatments That Actually Work

Hair loss is common and usually happens as a natural process, but when hair loss exceeds the normal limit of hair fall, there is a reason to be concerned. Over time, hair fall can lead to bald patches and thinned out hair. At Lift Aesthetics, we understand the embarrassment associated with hair fall and baldness. We offer our clients PRF hair restoration treatments that are guaranteed to get your hair growing strong and healthy.
Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) for Hair Loss

Platelet-rich fibrin or PRF is an advanced form of hair growth injections and it is used to successfully treat hair loss. While PRF has been used for several decades in certain fields of medicine, it is used today as the most advanced treatment for hair loss.

PRF is the substance that is produced when human blood is centrifuged. Human blood contains red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), platelets, and plasma. When blood is centrifuged, it produces PRF. The PRF contains WBC, fibrin, stromal cells, and platelets that all promote hair growth.

Benefits of PRF

  • Platelets contain proteins that help increase the production of collagen, tighten skin, regenerate tissue, and improve hair growth.
  • WBC accelerates tissue regeneration.
  • Fibrin acts as a scaffolding on which all the growth factors attach themselves, ensuring the longer release of these factors.
  • Stromal cells can be turned into specialized cells or grow into more stromal cells that help repair the human body.

Why PRF?

  • PRF is the latest hair restoration treatment and it is considered to give better results than any other type of hair restoration treatment.
  • It is completely natural and contains a high concentration of growth factors that lead to thicker and more lustrous natural hair.
  • PRF holds the growth factors together in the area they are injected and ensures they do not get diffused to areas they are not required. This leads to the steady release of more growth factors in a concentrated area, and for a longer period of time.
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