Waxing in Napa, CA

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Are you tired of shaving? Waxing temporarily removes unwanted hair from any area of the face and body. Waxing services at Lift Aesthetics are performed in a sterile, comfortable, and luxurious environment, by an experienced Licensed Esthetician. We offer waxing services for both men and women wanting to ditch the razor, and enjoy smooth, soft skin.

How often should I get waxed?

Everyone’s hair grows differently, but we typically recommend waxing about every four weeks. Regular waxing helps reduce your new hair growth, so that you can go longer between waxes. Maintaining a regular waxing schedule also helps ensure that your hair’s roots don’t have enough time to get nourishment and become big again, which helps to make waxes more comfortable.

Does waxing hurt?

The first time will be the most discomfort you experience, due to your roots being full nourished and big. However, because we use special waxes that don’t adhere to the skin, our waxing services are as comfortable as they come! Our skilled treatment providers utilize the latest techniques and products to prep your skin, administer the wax, and make sure that your skin feels amazing afterwards!

How do I prepare for
my waxing appointment?

At least two weeks of hair growth is ideal for your appointment, so that we can ensure an efficient wax. 
Before your waxing appointment please do not go swimming or shower at least 1-2 hours prior to the treatment. Please avoid the use of retinol products, AHA’s and BHA’s in the treatment area for a week. Please do not shave the area. Please avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for one week before and after.Please refrain from using any lotions on the skin prior to coming in for your wax. Lotion changes the consistency of our wax on your skin and makes it a bit harder for us to remove all the hairs.

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