Cheek and
Chin Defining

Cheek & Chin Defining for Men in Napa, CA

As we age, most people lose volume in their mid-to-lower face. This can cause sagging skin, highlight wrinkles, and make your features look “fallen” or “sunken”.For men who are experiencing loss of volume and premature aging in their face, dermal fillers can be a great option. Dermal filler injections are a safe and effective option that have the ability to greatly improve your appearance without surgery or downtime.

Why Injections for
Men are Different

Aging affects men and women differently, and often times we find that our male patients’ aesthetic goals are often quite different than female patients. For men, the most common signs of aging we see include deep forehead creases, fine lines caused by prolonged sun exposure, drooping in the mid-face, developing jowls around the jawline.
It is important to work with an experienced injector who understands male aesthetic needs, and the unique anatomy of the male facial structure. Our injectors have a great deal of experience helping men achieve amazing results, while retaining a natural, masculine appearance.

Using Fillers To Define the Chin and Jawline:

For men who would like to have a stronger chin or redefine their jaw line without surgery, strategically placed dermal fillers can help! Our skilled injectors will evaluate your natural jawline during your consultation, and listening to your aesthetic goals. After developing a treatment plan, your injector can utilize dermal fillers to create the appearance of a stronger, more masculine jawline, with results that last up to one year.

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