BOTOX® Cosmetic
for men

BOTOX® for Men (BROTOX) in Napa, CA

What Can I Address with BOTOX® Cosmetic?

One of the most important things we keep in mind while using BOTOX® Cosmetic on men is to target the right facial muscles. For men, BOTOX® Cosmetic is most effective when it is administered around the eyes and on the forehead. We can also combine BOTOX® Cosmetic with dermal fillers in order to give a natural plumpness to the skin, which will make you look rejuvenated.

Men can receive BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments regardless of their age, their skin type, or their appearance. In fact, we treat male patients as young as 30, and as old as 60. Our specialists at Lift Aesthetics will give you a thorough consultation, during which they will address any concerns you may have, while also choosing the best treatment for you. You can receive your BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment the same day as your consultation.

BOTOX® Cosmetic for Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is a condition that a lot of people live with. Fortunately, we offer a simple, fast-acting solution at Lift MedAesthetics. While sweating is normal, too much of it can cause unnecessary embarrassment for people. Whether it is sweat droplets on your face, unsightly sweat marks on your clothes, or an unpleasant smell, excessive sweating is definitely not desirable.

The condition in human beings that causes excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis. This condition can be limited to certain areas of the body like the hands and feet, or show up all over the body. Many people find this condition to be quite upsetting and socially isolating, causing them to become withdrawn from their day-to-day lives.

Luckily, BOTOX® Cosmetic is an excellent solution for treating symptoms of hyperhidrosis. The botulinum toxin in BOTOX® Cosmetic injections works to block the nerve signals that cause sweating. As these nerve signals become inhibited, it stops the sweat glands in the body from producing too much sweat. The nerves in these areas regenerate every few months, which is why frequent touch-up treatments are required to tackle the problem effectively. Once the patient has undergone enough treatments, they can go on for several months to a year without the need for re-treatments.

The procedure for treating hyperhidrosis with BOTOX® Cosmetic is quite simple. Our medical experts at Lift Aesthetics are knowledgeable and experienced with treatments of BOTOX® Cosmetic in Napa. A tiny needle with the BOTOX® Cosmetic formula will be injected into all the target areas. You may feel slight swelling or tenderness, but this will subside very soon. You will be able to see the complete results of the treatment in about two weeks, as you will notice your sweating to be considerably controlled.

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