MICC Injections

Do you regularly exercise, but are you still unable to lose weight despite your best efforts? What could be more upsetting than trying every diet, exercise regimen, and weight reduction advice and not seeing any results? At Lift Aesthetics in Napa we offer MICC injections that can help you get on the right path to successful results!

What Are MICC Injections?

Injections of MICC are treatments that are received on a regular basis and may be of great assistance to a person’s overall health as well as weight reduction efforts. With the help of this treatment, your body will benefit from the natural nutrients that are delivered intramuscularly into your system with the use of MICC Injections.

When administered intramuscularly, the injection has a higher bioavailability; this means that the body absorbs and metabolizes the injections to a greater extent than when it is taken orally.

How Do MICC Injections Work?

Within the MICC injection are compounds called lipotropics which aid in the breakdown of fat and boosting wellness. Methionine, inositol, and choline make up the majority of the ingredients in the formula. Together, they break down fat cells, aid in the liver and body’s removal of stored fat, and promote weight loss. MICC treatments are believed to not only help with weight loss but can also potentially speed up metabolism.


The MICC injection has several positive effects on one’s health, including the following:
  • Boosting stamina
  • Increasing one’s metabolic rate in order to assist with weight loss
  • Bringing relief from stress and daily tension
  • Facilitating restful sleep
  • Promoting faster wound recovery
  • Providing relief from ulcers and hives

Candidates for MICC Injections

Patients who have difficulty losing weight, who have weariness on a regular basis, or who have a sluggish feeling may benefit greatly from receiving MICC injections. The patient may be a suitable candidate for this therapy choice if they are in generally good health.

When to Expect Results after an MICC Injection

You will begin to see effects on the same day that the treatment was performed. The majority of patients experience a reduction in their appetite as well as an improvement in their mood initially. Within a week to two, you’ll start to see a discernible difference in your weight or your overall attitude. Continued treatment at our clinic is recommended to prolong the effects.

Book Your MICC Injections at Lift Aesthetics in Napa

A number of symptoms and conditions may be treated safely and effectively with MICC injections. The first step in starting this nutritional therapy is to visit with our medical experts to discuss your objectives and the best way to get there. Together, you will then design a treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. Book your appointment by giving us a call or filling out a contact form on our website!
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